Dozens of famous logos exist on various polls. However, when people are asked they think there are many more. But, the businesses that did make the polls are still quite famous. An example of this would be the Coca-Cola emblem. It has existed for over hundred years and has become recognizable by most of the population of the earth. In all this time, the emblem is still well known throughout humanity.

Another is the Ford Motor Car Company and its oval shape trademark. This happens to be one of the most recognized corporate logos around the Earth too. In the beginning, Henry Ford’s assistant drew a complicated black and white design. This would latter evolved into the oval design that we see today. The original remained black and white until 1928 when the blue logo was created.

The Microsoft logo is another design that recognized throughout the world. It symbolizes the first windows operating system by using the company’s primary colors. Like so many powerful emblems these days, when someone sees it they immediately know who the outfit is. The same goes for IBM, which is the very first computer industry to have an emblem to become instantly recognized. However, the Intel brand should over take them in popularity very soon.

Besides all these, General Electric’s emblem is a household icon too. Just about all of their products have this now infamous trademark symbol. Anytime someone sees the characteristic GE mark, they know that it brings everything to light. The primary reason for this is the company’s original products were light bulbs.

Then there is Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Nokia. Here again, these businesses will also take their place in history thanks to their infamous designs. They are now celebrated around planet. However, the most memorable is oldest of the three, which is Mercedes-Benz. If there were a reason to call something timeless, this would be it.

Next, there are couple of notable companies that became famous because their love by adults as well as kids. These are of the Disney and McDonald’s emblems. It is believed that life would be completely different today if not for these two incredibly likable companies. There emblems are renowned because of the immense benefits they have brought to society.

In summary, it would be very hard to list all of the most famous company logos. Suffice to say that these are the best of all the best. They are timeless, memorable, and truly stand out.

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